LG's 2024 QNED TV range features big screen sizes and an 8K Mini LED option

LG's 2024 QNED TV range features big screen sizes and an 8K Mini LED option

LG has unveiled its initial lineup of TV models for 2024, and OLEDs are not in the spotlight yet. Instead, the focus is on LG's QNED range, utilizing Quantum Nano-Emitting Diode panel technology. This lineup spans from flagship 8K Mini-LED models to entry-level 4K LED TVs. Let's delve into the details starting from the top.

Commencing with the QNED99T, LG's 8K model for 2024 boasts Mini LED backlighting and features an advanced panel with 120Hz gaming functionality, QNED Colour Pro, and Precision Local Dimming, promising vivid contrast and exceptional brightness. This model introduces a slimmer "Gallery Design" intended for wall mounting. 

Notably, LG has discontinued the 65-inch variant from its previous 8K QNED TV, offering the 99T in 75- and 86-inch versions. Equipped with a new Alpha 9 AI Processor 8K chipset, it likely includes various software features and picture processing upgrades.

For those less interested in 8K but desiring Mini LED, the QNED90T might be a suitable choice. It retains 120Hz, Precision Dimming, and QNED Colour Pro but steps down to an Alpha 8 Processor. Design-wise, it differs with a slim-design chassis, available in 65-, 75-, and 86-inch sizes.

Taking a step down brings us to the QNED85T, available in an impressive 98-inch screen size and other options ranging from 50 to 86 inches. However, this larger screen sacrifices Mini LED technology, using a standard LED backlight. 

This change also impacts local dimming, featuring Advanced Local Dimming. The model opts for QNED Colour instead of QNED Colour Pro but maintains the 120Hz refresh rate and Alpha 8 Processor, sporting a "Super Slim Design."

LG's 2024 QNED TV range features big screen sizes and an 8K Mini LED option

The fourth TV in the lineup, the QNED80T, is an entry-level 4K LED model that trims down on features compared to its counterparts. While it retains a super slim design, QNED colour, and advanced local dimming from the 85T, it decreases to a 60Hz refresh rate and an Alpha 5 AI processor. Available in sizes ranging from 43 to 86 inches.

LG emphasizes top-notch picture performance across the QNED lineup, incorporating AI Picture Pro to enhance realism by identifying and enhancing faces, objects, and backgrounds. 

Users can fine-tune picture enhancements with Personalized Picture Wizard. Sound receives AI treatment with AI Sound Pro, creating a virtual 9.1.2 surround sound effect, and LG soundbar owners can utilize WOW Orchestra for integrating TV speakers with their soundbars.

On the software front, LG announces that the 2024 QNED range will feature the latest version of webOS, including individual user profiles, personalized content recommendations, and customizable organization options. With CES on the horizon, anticipate more TV news soon.

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