Microsoft rolls out major Copilot update on Edge for Android, iOS

Microsoft rolls out major Copilot update on Edge for Android, iOS

Microsoft is initiating a significant update for its Edge browser on smartphones, introducing additional AI-powered Copilot features. The rollout is taking place progressively on devices powered by both Android and iOS. While these new features already exist on the desktop version of Edge, this update marks a step towards narrowing the feature gap between desktop and mobile platforms.

The updated Edge for Android and iOS now incorporates plugin support for the AI-assistant Copilot, mirroring the functionality present in the desktop version of the browser. Various plugins for Copilot, such as a recipe finder and music generator, are now available on Edge for smartphones.

The Copilot feature on Edge for smartphones can now provide summaries of YouTube videos upon request. However, this capability is contingent on the YouTube video being played on the Edge browser having transcripts or subtitles. Additionally, the AI-assistant can now summarize PDF files opened in Microsoft Edge.

In a recent development, Microsoft introduced a dedicated Copilot app for Android devices, which is freely downloadable from the Google Play Store. This app leverages OpenAI’s GPT-4 and DALL-E models, enabling users to instruct the AI-powered assistant to draft emails, compose stories, summarize texts, perform text translation, write job resumes, and more.

The Copilot app, with its image generating capabilities, can create logo designs, generate custom backgrounds, produce illustrations, curate content for social media, and more. While Microsoft has yet to officially announce the availability of the app for iOS users, it is anticipated to roll out on iPhones in the coming weeks.

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