iPhone 15 gets massive discount, available on Amazon for less than Rs 72,000

iPhone 15 gets massive discount, available on Amazon for less than Rs 72,000

The iPhone 15 appears poised to become Apple's next popular phone, boasting significant upgrades over its predecessor. Currently available at discounted rates across various platforms, including a noteworthy reduction on Amazon just months after its official launch.

Observing the iPhone 15 receiving substantial discounts, particularly on platforms like Amazon, is unusual without accompanying bank offers. However, there is a bank offer available, enabling prospective buyers in India to acquire the new iPhone 15 for less than Rs 72,000. Here's a breakdown of the deal.

Listed on Amazon with a starting price of Rs 74,900, the iPhone 15 reflects a substantial flat discount from its original India launch price of Rs 79,900. This translates to a Rs 5,000 reduction without any additional conditions, applicable to all color models of the iPhone 15.

Furthermore, individuals possessing an Amazon Pay ICICI bank credit card can claim an extra discount of Rs 3,745. This offer is visible on Amazon's mobile version.

Those leveraging this offer can effectively purchase the iPhone 15 for Rs 71,155 on Amazon. For those without the card, application through the Amazon Pay app provides the opportunity to access this discount on the latest iPhone.

The iPhone 15 distinguishes itself with an enhanced camera compared to both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13, promising a photography experience that users are likely to appreciate. The attractive display enhances the overall viewing experience, featuring a newer design akin to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro models.

Under the hood, the iPhone 15 boasts a more powerful chipset than its predecessor, ensuring smoother performance. While the device supports slow charging at 20W, consistent with Apple's standard, users may have to wait for faster charging speeds in the future.

Despite a battery size that doesn't match the Plus or Max models, the iPhone 15 is well-optimized, offering a satisfactory lifespan. Positioned as an appealing choice for iPhone enthusiasts, the iPhone 15 delivers on both aesthetics and performance.

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