Apple seeks $50 million deals with news publishers to train its GenAI models

Apple seeks $50 million deals with news publishers to train its GenAI models

Apple is reportedly engaging with prominent news publishers to incorporate their articles into the training of its generative AI systems, according to media sources.

The technology giant is said to be in the midst of discussions regarding "multiyear agreements valued at no less than $50 million" and has been in contact with publications such as Conde Nast, NBC News, and IAC (the owner of People, The Daily Beast, and Better Homes and Gardens), as outlined by The New York Times.

In recent weeks, Apple has initiated talks with major news and publishing entities, seeking authorization to utilize their content in the development of its generative artificial intelligence systems, as per individuals familiar with the ongoing conversations.

The publishers' reactions to Apple's proposition appear to be varied, with concerns raised about potential legal responsibilities arising from Apple's utilization of their content. Nevertheless, some news executives express optimism that Apple's approach could eventually result in a meaningful partnership.

Apple's intentions for news and generative AI are purportedly ambiguous, with the company largely absent from public discussions on AI. Despite Siri, its virtual assistant, exhibiting minimal evolution since its debut a decade ago, some news executives remain hopeful about the prospect of a substantial collaboration stemming from Apple's approach.

Apple has chosen not to comment on the report. Earlier this month, its machine learning research team unveiled frameworks and model libraries designed for operation on its silicon chips.

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