Google Doodle pays tribute to Spanish Romani dancer Carmen Amaya on her birthday

Google Doodle pays tribute to Spanish Romani dancer Carmen Amaya on her birthday

Google Doodle released a doodle dedicated to Spanish Romani dancer Carmen Amaya on the occasion of her birth anniversary. Amaya was considered one of the greatest flamenco dancers of all time. The doodle, illustrated by Barcelona-based guest artist Genie Espinoza depicts Amaya's boundless energy and personality.

Amaya was born into a long line of flamenco dancers on November 2 in the year 1913 in Barcelona. By age four, Amaya danced in taverns and bars while her father who was a guitarist played music. Amaya toured neighbourhood venues for years following which her dancing style caught the attention of a variety showrunner. 

She received bookings in various prestigious places like Barcelona’s Spanish Theatre and Paris’ Palace Theatre by the showrunner. Amaya began touring through Spain and Portugal along with some of the most respected flamenco dancers of the time by 1929.

Amaya used her entire body during dance while flamenco dancing traditionally focuses only on upper body movement. Her rapid footwork earned her fans across Latin America which became iconic. She founded her flamenco troupe in Buenos Aires where she eventually settled. They toured everywhere from Cuba to Brazil.

Amaya moved to Mexico City after spending a decade on the road. She performed in New York in 1941 and impressed US President Franklin D Roosevelt as a result of which she was invited to dance at the White House. She acted in films like La Historia de los Tarantos and spent her late career in Hollywood.

Amaya received many accolades including ‘the Medal of the Tourist Merit of Barcelona’ that Spain’s government awarded her. Barcelona’s Montuic Park features a monument and a fountain that honour her. Amaya’s legacy lives even in today’s flamenco dancers.

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