Host Jesse Palmer wants you to know two things about this season of Paradise: it's going to be wet, and it's going to be wild. (Emphasis on the wet, trust me.)

Heading into Thursday night's premiere, there was not much else we knew. The previews showed that we would get cameos from four former Bachelorettes and one wedding on the beach before the season's end. But even the newest viewers know: anything can happen in Paradise.

If you are new to Paradise, or just need a refresher, at the end of each week there is a rose ceremony. If you do not get a rose, you get sent home. The power of who hands out the roses switches between the men and the women each week.

This first week in Paradise, there are seven men and 11 women, which means four of the women will be going home at the end of the week. (Unless, of course, another man enters Paradise before the week is up.)

The Season 9 premiere brought us a date, a love triangle and a kissing montage so let's jump right in.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Episode 1 Recap

The only thing that was harder to keep track of than the number of times they said "vibes" in this episode, was the cast themselves so here's a quick look:

Aaron B.: Went from brokenhearted to lighthearted

Aaron S.: The other Aaron

Blake: Has already dated three Bachelorettes

Brayden: Earrings (need I say more?)

Brooklyn: The girl who can't keep her earrings in

Cat: The one with the facial expressions

Eliza: Second time in Paradise, is looking for a straight line, NOT a triangle

Greer: The Southern Belle

Jess: Glitter girl

Kat: Hates the bugs, the heat and most importantly the sand

Kylee: The hot *fire emoji* commodity

Mercedes: Rides a tractor in a bikini

Olivia: Smells like a garden (the good kind)

Peter: Pilot Pete, but not *that* Pilot Pete

Rachel: The former Bachelorette

Sam J.: The one who gets nervous hives

Sean: He's Ken

Will: Jacket guy who (spoiler alert!) fell in the water

First on the beach Paradise 2024

Rachel Recchia was the first of the cast to be invited onto the beach. She is only the second "Bachelorette" in Paradise history to join the cast. Rachel says she hopes the third time really is the charm here in Paradise. After Rachel, each cast member joins the beach one person at a time, while everyone else sits around and makes small talk.

First rivalry of the season

Before anyone stepped foot on the beach, Brooklyn made sure we all knew that she does not like Kat. It seems as though their disdain for each other has carried over from Zach's season. Unfortunately, we did not get any confrontation between the two of them on the beach, but this is something to look out for.

First kiss in Paradise 2024

The first kiss of Paradise was overshadowed by a discussion of sucking toes. Will and Olivia made their way over to one of the day beds where they very quickly started talking about Olivia's toes and how suckable they are. 

They even made their way down to the ocean to rinse her toes, but notably, they were still sandy when she returned to the day bed. Will leaned in for a kiss. 

Later, we learn that Will thought that talking about sucking toes was the obvious transition to making out. Olivia on the other hand, thought they shared a romantic moment.

First date card of Paradise

Kylee, the hot commodity, gets the first date card of Paradise. She tells Mercedes she is torn between three men, Will, Brayden and Blake. Not to mention, Kylee has spent most of the episode talking about how badly she wants to meet Aven after he commented a fire emoji on one of her Instagram posts.

She chooses Will for the date even though he kissed Olivia. Wells, the bartender and professional advice giver, wonders if you can say someone has suckable toes but go on a date with someone else.

First date of Paradise

Kylee and Will have a romantic candlelit "dinner" surrounded by water. So romantic in fact, that Will makes sure to pull Kylee's chair out for her to sit. In doing so, he trips and wipes out in the water. 

Considering his self-diagnosed PTSD with water (ie. The Jacket Incident) he recovered from the fall well. A group of fire performers comes out just as the romantic background music kicks in, and Kylee and Will share a kiss. Will says in his confessional that he is falling for Kylee.

First kissing montage of Paradise

The kissing montage starts with Kat and Brayden who somehow work. They are the definition of opposites attracting. They are followed by Sean and Rachel, Blake and Jess, and Mercedes and Aaron B. Although we do not see Aaron S. and Sam kiss, they do share a moment by the water attempting to save a blowfish, which I guess is basically the same thing as kissing.

First breakup of Paradise

The morning after Will's date with Kylee, he asks Olivia to talk. He tells her that he is developing feelings for Kylee and that he would like to pursue that relationship fully. Olivia is understandably upset, but looking ahead to the previews, there is hope for her yet.

First surprise cast member

Episode 1 ends with the one and only Aven walking down the stairs to join the beach. Aven is who Kylee was most looking forward to meeting, so I think it is safe to say Episode 2 will bring the drama. Maybe this season really will be the most dramatic yet.

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