KIM DOKJA FROM THE NOVELS EXTRA: Kim Dokja is a fictional character from the Korean web novel "The Novel's Extra" written by Jee Gab Song. He is the protagonist of the story and has also appeared in the webtoon adaptation titled "The Live" and its novelization titled "Omni-Genius."

In the story, Kim Dokja is a young man who works as an office worker. However, he is an avid reader and enjoys reading web novels in his spare time. One day, he discovers that he is living in a world that mirrors the settings and events of the web novels he has read. As a result, he gains the ability to see "scenarios" and understand the plotlines, events, and outcomes of the story he is living in.

Kim Dokja's unique ability becomes significant as he realizes that the world he is in is heading towards an apocalyptic event called the "scenario." To survive and change the outcome, he forms a connection with other "Constellations," individuals who possess similar powers to him. Together, they aim to prevent the world's destruction and guide it towards a better path.

Throughout the story, Kim Dokja develops as a character. He starts as a somewhat apathetic and withdrawn person due to past trauma but gradually grows stronger, both mentally and physically, as he faces various challenges and interacts with other characters. He becomes a charismatic and strategic leader, using his knowledge of the scenarios to help his allies and manipulate events to their advantage.

Kim Dokja's journey is filled with danger, mystery, and emotional turmoil as he uncovers the truth behind his own existence, the nature of the scenarios, and the roles of other characters in the story. His character arc explores themes of friendship, trust, redemption, and the power of stories.


Profile details of Kim Dokja

KIM DOKJA FROM THE NOVELS EXTRA: Certainly! Here are some profile details of Kim Dokja based on the information available:
  • Name: Kim Dokja
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Varies depending on the timeline and version of the story, but generally depicted as a young adult in his 20s.
  • Occupation: Office worker
  • Appearance: Kim Dokja is typically described as having a slightly disheveled appearance with messy black hair and tired-looking eyes. He is of average height and build.


KIM DOKJA FROM THE NOVELS EXTRA: At the beginning of the story, Kim Dokja is portrayed as introverted, socially awkward, and somewhat cynical due to past trauma. He tends to keep to himself and is often immersed in reading web novels. 

However, as the story progresses, he undergoes significant character development and becomes more confident, charismatic, and assertive. He is highly intelligent, strategic, and resourceful, utilizing his knowledge of scenarios to guide his actions and help his allies.


KIM DOKJA FROM THE NOVELS EXTRA: Kim Dokja possesses a unique ability called "scenario perception," which allows him to see and understand the plotlines, events, and outcomes of the world he is living in. 

This ability grants him insight and knowledge about the story's progression, making him a valuable asset in shaping events and avoiding dangerous situations. He also has the power to form connections with other Constellations, individuals with similar powers, and collaborate with them.


KIM DOKJA FROM THE NOVELS EXTRA: The exact details of Kim Dokja's background and past are gradually revealed throughout the story, but it is known that he has experienced significant trauma in his life. 

These experiences have shaped his introverted and cautious nature, but they also serve as motivation for his growth and determination to change the course of the world's events.


KIM DOKJA FROM THE NOVELS EXTRA: Kim Dokja forms various relationships and friendships with other characters in the story, including other Constellations and key individuals who play significant roles in the scenarios. 

These relationships evolve and develop over time, influencing the course of the story and Kim Dokja's character development.

It's important to note that the details provided here are based on the information available up until September 2021. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about Kim Dokja, I recommend referring to the original source material or checking for any updates beyond my knowledge cutoff date.


Characteristics of Kim Dokja

KIM DOKJA FROM THE NOVELS EXTRA: Kim Dokja possesses several notable characteristics that define his character throughout the story:
  • Intelligence and Knowledge: Kim Dokja is highly intelligent and well-read. His love for reading web novels has given him extensive knowledge about various scenarios and storylines, allowing him to anticipate events and make strategic decisions. He often uses his intelligence to analyze situations, devise plans, and outwit his opponents.
  • Determination and Resilience: Despite his initial introverted and withdrawn nature, Kim Dokja demonstrates remarkable determination and resilience in the face of adversity. He faces numerous challenges and setbacks but continues to push forward, driven by his desire to change the course of the world's events and protect his allies.
  • Growth and Character Development: Throughout the story, Kim Dokja undergoes significant character development. He starts as a somewhat apathetic and cynical individual but gradually grows stronger, both emotionally and mentally. He becomes more confident, compassionate, and willing to take risks for the sake of others.
  • Leadership Skills: As the story progresses, Kim Dokja emerges as a natural leader. He possesses strong leadership skills, rallying his allies, and guiding them through dangerous situations. His ability to analyze scenarios and devise strategies helps him make critical decisions and lead others effectively.
  • Emotional Depth: Although initially guarded and reserved, Kim Dokja displays moments of vulnerability and emotional depth. He develops meaningful connections and friendships with other characters, showcasing empathy, loyalty, and a willingness to protect those he cares about.
  • Charisma and Influence: Kim Dokja's growth and development as a character also bring about a charismatic presence. His confidence and intelligence make him influential among his allies and even some of his adversaries. Others are drawn to his leadership and ability to navigate complex situations.
  • Complexity and Flaws: Despite his strengths, Kim Dokja is not without flaws. He can be stubborn, overly cautious, and emotionally guarded at times. His traumatic past also plays a significant role in shaping his character, creating internal conflicts and insecurities that he must confront throughout the story.
These characteristics contribute to Kim Dokja's multidimensional nature as a protagonist, making him a compelling and relatable character for readers.


History of Kim Dokja

KIM DOKJA FROM THE NOVELS EXTRA: The history of Kim Dokja, the protagonist of "The Novel's Extra," is gradually revealed throughout the story. Here is a general overview of his history based on the information available:
  • Early Life and Trauma: Kim Dokja's early life is marked by tragedy and trauma. He experienced a devastating event known as the "Great Summoning," where countless people were summoned to another world to participate in scenarios. During this event, Kim Dokja's family was killed, leaving him as the sole survivor. This traumatic experience deeply affected him and shaped his withdrawn and cautious nature.
  • Office Worker Life: Following the Great Summoning, Kim Dokja settled into an ordinary life as an office worker. He spent his days working in an office and his nights immersed in reading web novels, finding solace and escape in fictional worlds.
  • Discovering Scenario Perception: One day, Kim Dokja discovers that he has a unique ability called "scenario perception." This ability allows him to see and understand the plotlines, events, and outcomes of the world he is living in, similar to the stories he read in web novels. He becomes aware that the world he inhabits mirrors the settings and events of the novels he has read.
  • Involvement in Scenarios: As Kim Dokja continues to live his life, he finds himself increasingly involved in the scenarios unfolding around him. He encounters other individuals with similar powers, known as Constellations, and begins to form connections and alliances with them.
  • The Novel's Extra Scenario: Kim Dokja becomes a central figure in the "The Novel's Extra" scenario, which is based on a web novel he had read. In this scenario, he and his allies aim to prevent the apocalyptic event known as the "scenario" and guide the world towards a better outcome.
  • Character Development and Growth: Throughout the story, Kim Dokja undergoes significant character development. He grows from a withdrawn and cynical individual to a confident and influential leader. He confronts his past trauma, forms meaningful connections with others, and learns to trust and rely on his allies.

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