MANGALIFE APK REVIEW & DOWNLOAD: Manga Life (まんがライフ, Manga Raifu) is a manga magazine published monthly by Takeshobo in Japan since the November 1984 issue (published in October 1984). 

Its original title was Gag da (ギャグダ, Gyagu da), and the change to Manga Life was made to better compete with Manga Time, a rival magazine published by Houbunsha. 

Most of the series appearing in the magazine use the yonkoma format. The magazine is released monthly on the 17th, though it sometimes appears on shelves slightly before or after that, depending on the speed of actual distribution. Manga Life is published in B5 size, and its Japanese magazine code is 18635.

History and content

MANGALIFE APK REVIEW & DOWNLOAD: Manga Life was originally known for an abundance of off-color humor. By the mid to late 1980s, however, the number of dirty jokes had significantly decreased as the magazine changed its target demographic from only middle-aged salarymen to also include younger males in their late 20s and early 30s, as well as readers of josei manga and dōjinshi. 

The current magazine includes a broad mix of manga, including those with anime tie-ins. Manga Life is one of the magazines which has changed the perception of yonkoma manga and manga artists as it has brought them more into the mainstream with its broad target audience.

In the January issue every year, Mineo Maya has a guest manga appearance with his Nemuranai Eve series.


Is MangaLife Safe To Read Manga Online?

MANGALIFE APK REVIEW & DOWNLOAD: Manga reading is a hobby that should only be performed on a secure website. Although most free manga websites contain advertisements and pop-ups, MangaLife is promotion-free. 

They provide a risk-free reading environment; thus, the site has no promos, pop-ups, or advertisements. Without promotion joins, there is no way for developers to transmit risk to your device and personality. Therefore, you can read your favorite manga on MangaLife, without any hazards such as information misuse, data fraud, and damaged networks.

MangaLife does not need enrollment or information exchange, suggesting that users are not required to provide their data, for example, full name, email address, credit card information, etc., to access the site’s content collection and features. 

With no information exchanged, there will be no information leaks, and your persona will also be kept confidential. MangaLife is the best and most secure manga website, and every manga fan should check it out.

Is MangaLife Legal to Use?

MANGALIFE APK REVIEW & DOWNLOAD: The publisher owns all of the manga on the MangaLife website. They are just trying to translate them into different languages so you can find them easier. They are not trying to make a profit from them. So if you like any of the comics you see here, consider purchasing them from the publisher if they are available.


MangaLife App for Android iOS

MANGALIFE APK REVIEW & DOWNLOAD: The MangaLife app for online manga reading may be downloaded from the MangaLife website for Android and iOS devices. You may also get the MangaLife mod APK from websites that provide the MangaLife Apk. 

Check these websites on your own since most include fake apps meant to steal your personal and credit card information. Avoiding fraudulent websites and installing apps from trusted sources such as Google Play or the App Store is advised.

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