Jin Mo-Ri | JIM MORI | JIN MO RI: Jin Mori (진모리, Jin Mori; "Mori Jin") is the main protagonist of The God of High School. His true identity is Sun Wukong [The Monkey King], the leader of the Mount Hwagwa Monkeys and one of the Nine Demon Kings.

After RagnarÖk ended, he was recognized as a Supreme God. He was forced to go into hiding as Dan Mori after being betrayed and framed by Park Mujin. He later reveals his identity as Sun Wukong to save his sister and get revenge on Park Mubong.

During the final battle between Park Mubong (Mujin) and Dan Mori, Jin Mori is revealed to be the god Maitreya.

After finishing the battle, Mori has reached Nirvana (Heaven) and Xuanzang who also reached Nirvana gave him 2 options. The first is to become a true God, however, by choosing this, he must cut all ties to the world and oversee all of creation, as well as bring balance to the universe as a spirit from heaven. 

The second is to stay in the world but lose all his powers and be in endless battles against enemies as a result of his fight with Mubong. Mori chose both, to become an almighty being (Buddha) and to live a happy life in the world, Xuanzang accepted his choice.

17 years after Park Mujin's death, Mori Jin is recognized as the absolute god and the most loved man in the world. He also lives together with Dan Ahan as Park Taejin's adoptive parents.


Characteristics of Jin Mo Ri

  • KOREAN NAME - 진모리 / 제천대성齊天大聖
  • ROMAJA - Jin Mori / Jecheondaeseong
  • CHINESE NAME - 陳毛利 
  • JAPANESE NAME - ジン・モリ
  • RŌMAJI - Jin Mori
  • ALIAS - Monkey King, The Devil, Jecheondaeseong
  • AGE - 17 (As Jin Mori), 20 (As Dan Mori)
  • RACE & SPECIES - Maitreya
  • GENDER - Male
  • FIGHTING SKILLS - Renewal Taekwondo (Main), Full Contact Karate
  • WEAPON - Geundoowun, 19 Yeouiju (Destroyed)


Jin Mo-Ri | JIM MORI | JIN MO RI: Jin is shown to be playful, honest and lighthearted young man that primarily seeks nothing more than a good fight. He is fairly kind and hospitable to strangers, and develops strong bonds of loyalty with his friends. 

Apparently he is weak against people he has lost to becoming quite submissive. When angered, Mo-Ri usually carries an expressionless face and will mercilessly beat the person responsible for his anger.

Many people who have witnessed his fighting prowess acknowledge his strength and are terrified of ever engaging in battle with him. Despite his tough nature, Mo-Ri was shown to easily tear down when someone mention his parents, thinking they abandoned him in the mountain. Mo-Ri is shown to dislike Charyeok, believing that you don't have to use others for powers.


Jin Mo-Ri | JIM MORI | JIN MO RI: Biologically he is 17 but his memories date back to thousands of years ago because of the rebirth ability the gods have along with him.


Main mission

Jin Mo-Ri | JIM MORI | JIN MO RI:As of now, Jin Mori is trapped in another dimension and is heading back with one of his friends Ilpyo Park (The Nine Tails host). He has a clone back in the normal dimension named Hui Mori since he's developed more of a personality that's the entire opposite of Jin. 

His mission was to meet with his grandfather once again (not biological) so the clone and his friends are in a war with a cult that goes by the name of Nox. They have tied his grandfather down and is planning something with him by sucking up the life of the surrounding humans.


Jin Mo-Ri | JIM MORI | JIN MO RI: A few billion years before the start of the G.O.H plot, the Nine Kings of the Sage Realm went to war with the Heavenly Realm. Jecheondaeseong eventually fought against the Nine-Tails Guardian but to the monkey kings dismay, their fight was interrupted and the king was captured and put into the Eight Trigrams Jail. 

Although he was imprisoned, he eventually broke out with the help of his army giving him strength. The war lasted for many years but it inevitably ended with the loss of the Sage Realm. 


Mori eventually fought against them once again, fighting against Buddha and the Jade Emperor but was captured and upon his return he acted as an emissary between the gods and the Sage Realm. However something happened that caused him to disappear and regress into the form of a baby and encase himself in an energy stone.

At least 20+ years before the start of the God of High School plot, Jin Tae-Jin and his RE Taekwondo Force was on a mission called Mission Gilgamesh in North Korea. After a huge fight with one of the fur clones of the Monkey King, where Tae-Jin won, the fur clone gave Mo-Ri, encased in an energy stone, to Tae-Jin to watch over and protect. 

Seventeen years prior to the start during the fight against Jin Tae-Jin and the Six he emerged from the crystal causing a massive explosion and led to the defeat of Kim Oong-Nyuh. He was later raised in the mountains and trained by Tae-Jin until he was around eight years old when he was sent to school to make friends and be around other people in the city. 

He learned Renewal Taekwondo from his grandfather and is most exceptional at it, being one of the strongest competitors in the G.O.H tournament.

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