• My best guess is that social networks will continue long into the future. It may not be the holy trinity (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) that survive, but newer social networks, like Pinterest, or some social network that hasn’t even appeared on the horizon yet, but I think social networks are here to stay.

Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer marketing has become popular on social media very quickly. It has even beaten print marketing in terms of popularity on Google Trends. People with thousands of followers can leverage their social media presence and collaborate with brands.

Chatbots and AI

  • Chatbots are one of the latest trends in social media. It has become increasingly simple for people to reach out to brands through social media. This makes it very important for brands to respond to their queries on social media as quickly as possible.
  • While it can be a difficult task to get a human to respond instantly, chatbots can come to the rescue in such situations.

Employee Advocacy

  • With the rise of influencer marketing, there has been a rise in the number of fake influencers too. These people fake partnerships with brands to promote themselves and become real influencers.

Driving Sales Through Social Media

  • While social media has long been used to generate engagement and sales, the latter is becoming a solid trend. Brands are provided with the necessary tools to promote their products on social media to get sales.

The Importance of Engagement

  • Engagement has always mattered on social media. However, with the change in Facebook’s algorithm that emphasizes meaningful interactions, it has become even more important.
  • This means that content that starts genuine conversations has become more favored.

The Rise of Groups

  • Groups on Facebook have new features such as live video content, story updates, and participation as a business page.
  • With the changes in the algorithm of Facebook, Groups have become the go-to place to connect with your audience in the current social media landscape.


  • Stories started out on Snapchat. However, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp quickly adopted this feature too.
  • These primarily vertical Stories usually last 24 hours and give people tremendous opportunities to create different types of content.

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