• For years, aggressive link building was the “secret sauce” of SEO that wasn’t so secret. Backlinking was the single most obvious and influential variable in determining the SEO ranking of a website.
Finding the Expired Blogs
  • I warn you in the first place, this acquires much time. When I first started, I would purchase them. It can be good in terms of saves time, just place an order and wait for the result. When buying you can use websites like AppSally.
  • If you want to do it on your own, use DomainHunterGatherer to ease you in finding relevant, powerful expired 2.0 domains.
Claiming those Gems
  • Find a website that checks Page Authority such as 99Webtools that help to check 50 at a time for us. Use a different IP each time you sign up a new account, to ensure the safety of your account.
Dropping the web 2.0 Backlinks
  • You don't need fancy articles just an image and a few lines of text are all you need. Tumblr is an image platform so just rolling with it makes sense. Think about it, only that then web 2.0 backlinks are created in seconds. 
  • But, when it comes to websites likes Weebly or Over-blog, you will need to upload an article, this is why I don’t do as many when starting out.
Keyword Ratios
  • Branding now plays a decent part in ranking and getting the right ratios will make the rankings or break them. You can decide to sort the expired web 2.0s from the weakest to the strongest. 
  • I’ll usually use the weak ones for naked URLs and branding anchor text, with the stronger ones I’ll use keyword variations.
  • If you want a quick and easy way to grab some good web 2.0 backlinks then buying them from the place that I mention above does help.

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