• There are two ways you can choose keywords for your blog. First, you can do it by guessing, in which case there will be 100% chance for you to pick up wrong keywords with no values and substantial search volumes.
  • Or you can choose keywords by doing a through research to be sure of the quality of your chosen keywords.
  • So, to chose the RIGHT keywords for your blog, you have to opt for the second option, which is conducting a through Keyword Research.
  • Keyword Research means searching web for popular keywords that have high CPC values and often searched by your target audience.
  • So it’s basically a research to find out profitable keywords that get you tons of traffic for your blog, and of course, help you make more money off of Adsense.
Now, How to Do Keyword Research?
  • Doing an effective keyword research is way easier than it was ever before. There are now tons of Keyword Research websites and many of them are absolutely free to use.
  • So what you do is that you visit one of those sites, [let’s say KWFinder] and you simply type in a keyword in their search bar.
  • Their search engines will automatically find tons of similar keywords and share a through report on them.
  • You can then easily check out how popular a keyword is, how many people are searching for it, which sites are currently dominating that keyword, what is the CPC value, and so on.
  • So Keyword Research will help you get a measurable report or status of a keyword and it’s competition rate. If it has low competition, you can then use it to quickly rank your blog.
  • But if there are cut-throat competition and big-guns are already holding the top position, then it would be better to skip it for another popular keyword.
  • So, with keyword research, you can project the possible ranking for your blog even before you write a post.
  • And that will help you to choose and focus on more effective and profitable keywords. So do a keyword research to choose the keywords for your blog.

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