• Promote your posts at sites with a high DA that allows self-promotion. A URL from another blog is good, but a link from a blog or website with a higher Domain Authority than you have is great! For this reason, I’m including the Domain Authority of many of the websites that allow you to publish and link back to your own site.
1. Content Syndication Networks: Leave URLs to your already published content
  • These sites are similar to content curation sites, where you store, or curate, your content. They are also similar to social bookmarking websites, where you save, or bookmark, articles.
  • Many of the websites on this list are also social media sites. The Pure Residuals blog says social signals matter. Google notices all your URLs even from social media sites.
  • Moz agrees you should leave your URLs at social media sites and it will positively impact your SEO.
  • These sites allow you to curate or syndicate your already published content:
  • I post my articles in LinkedIn groups. They have groups for all kinds of interests.
  • Pinning to Pinterest will give your site a URL from Pinterest which has a high Domain Authority ranking.
  • Adding your blog post to a Flipboard magazine will help boost your blog’s SEO as well as have the potential to get your site swarms of traffic from Flipboard.
  • Quora has a Domain Authority Ranking of 90. Out of a possible 100, 90 is extremely high.
  • I have fun answering questions about topics in my niche at Quora. Many people report the same. Quora helps boost your credibility and gets you a strong URL to your blog. Note: Quora will label you a spammer if you don’t leave a URL relevant to your answer.
  • DrumUp has a DA of 53. In addition to being a place to curate, DrumUp has a Twitter scheduler. When you make an account, DrumUp sends you excellent blog post articles. - Content Curation Tool |
  • I use DrumUp in conjunction with - Content Curation Tool | You’ll receive a strong URL when you curate at only allows 50 URLs to be left there. However, I just delete my URLs and start over when I near 50.
  • Do you want to make money while you promote? Steemit shares its advertising revenue with you.
  • You’ll get a dofollow if your URL gets clicked twice from Reddit. In addition to boosting your SEO, Reddit has the potential to bring you boatloads of traffic.
  • BizSugar has all sorts of threads for various niches. For example, you can post in the Success Stories thread and others.
  • YouTube has a strong DA. If you present your content in video form, in the description of the video, include how to access your article.
2. CMS: Content Management Systems That Require Original Content
  • Some of these sites are on both lists. There is a reason for this overlap: Some sites let you curate your content and also let you publish original content.
  • You can publish original content and leave your blog post URLs on these websites:
  • Quora
  • LinkedIn
  • Ezine
  • Lifehack
  • Virily
  • Hubpages
  • Forums
  • Bill Belew’s forum
  • FitSmallBusiness
  • GrowthHackers
  • LinkedIn
  • PAC
  • Postwaves
  • Snapzu
  • Webmaster Babble

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