Amazing content
  • Content is the king! Write useful, entertaining or educational content on your blog. Write unique incredibly useful product descriptions. 
  • Make amazing F.A.Q. page on your website that will answer on all tricky questions in your industry.
Mobile friendliness
  • Your website must be completely mobile friendly, use AMP to improve user experience, evaluate usability throughout mobile devices. Make sure that your website works flawless on all popular devices.
  • Use online resources to communicate with people from your industry. Get to know them, offer them some value and build long term relationships. 
  • It will eventually become a link, or a mention, but more important everyone will hear about you, plus it is free!
Functional website
  • Your website speed, functionality and code must be great. Invest in CMS to make it easier for you and your webmaster. 
  • Do not buy cheap website solutions with bad coding that will destroy your business.
Social networks
  • Customer comes first! Answer on all emails, social comments and mentions that you get. Do not be lazy, these people will become free promoters of your business if you do it right. 
  • This is a natural form of link building on the long run. Always make sure that you replied on questions that you get on your social network profiles.

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