• Bizsugar is one of the oldest blogging communities across the World where everyone will hear about it. For the newbies, just join in and submit your article, they will list your article for the moderated and when approved, you’ll be free you submit your blog post without moderations. 
  • You can share your content, blog posts, videos; discover others content Bizsuger will help you to reach to a large number of audience and increase your blog’s visibility.
Blog Engage
  • Blog Engage is the most popular blog community where you exchange their ideas and views. Blog engage is a premium blogging community with a good page rank (PR4) and with some well-established webmasters. 
  • You have to pay £19.99 for a standard account but believe me it is worth to invest. you will be able to find content on topics like blogging, designing, business,entertainment, tech etc. 
  • Along with standard feature like post sharing, it offers premium features like groups, chatrooms, private messages and many more..It’s the best and fastest growing blogging community in which webmasters share their latest post for getting backlinks. 
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  • Blokube is one of the best blogging communities to share content, interact with others. 
  • It is like a social media community which mainly focusing on to get bloggers together by selecting among many categories to choose from which cover many topics It’s also based on voting and the higher your vote, the higher your post ranking in the community. 
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  • Inbound is another great community you must try To get the good number of votes to make it to the first page to being the best, you have to join discussions, vote for others and build good relationship. you’ll start promoting your post as soon as you register. 
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  • Indiblogger is an Indian blogging community where millions of Indian bloggers share self-content, posts, vote on other articles, follow another blogger. it is in multi-language. If you’re Indian blogger, then you must join it right now.
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  • This is another new blogging community created by Erik Emannuel. Klink is also great blogging community with wide range of categories to share your post, it even shows preview of your post. 
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  • Managewp is the fastest growing blogging community in various topic like wordpress tips, wordpress, plug-ins, WordPress tutorials etc. 
  • ManageWP is the best place to for promoting your blog. you can share on ManageWP are ranking high on Google help to drive traffic. 
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The Writers Social
  • The Writers Social is the great platform to promoting your post and to interact with others. It’s simple, submit great articles and your submission will be approved. It is best for for a social community.
  • is another great community, it is the best way to build good relationship. it will increase your blog’s visibility. 
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