• One of the highlights of next year’s Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is likely going to be the camera module. Samsung’s gargantuan smartphone is set to receive a very impressive 200MP main camera. However, changes in megapixel count are expected both on the front and on the back of the device.
  • According to a report by Galaxy Club (which has since been covered by Sammobile in a dedicated article) the entire Galaxy S23 family is going to feature identical selfie cameras. In effect, this means that the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 40MP front-facing camera is going to be ditched in favor of a 12MP one.
  • In the tech community, numbers are (almost) everything and the notion “less is sometimes more” is, generally, seldom embraced. Spec sheets are one of the first things enthusiasts look up when it comes to a new smartphone release - especially, when the latter happens to be a flagship from a prominent tech giant.
  • The S Ultra series is currently Samsung’s top-of-the-line non-foldable smartphone. Given its status as an ultra-premium flagship that competes in the most expensive price range, Samsung makes little to no compromises with the spec sheet.
  • Under most circumstances, this is a good thing. But when Samsung decides to play the megapixel count game and puts a 40MP sensor on the front of a smartphone, things can get a little ugly - quite literally.
  • Unfortunately, people are not perpetually under the effects of face filters in real life and most (if not all) have imperfections and blemishes of some kind. Hence, putting a sensor that can pick up even the most undetectable of flaws on one’s face is not necessarily a great idea.
  • A 12MP selfie camera will still produce crisp shots, without inducing body dysphoria because of otherwise overlooked skin concerns. After all - who needs to see their pimples in 4K?

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