• Using a custom / top level Domain with blogger blog is of course a good idea. It helps to make branding, looks professional and also helps to getting backlink easily rather than a blogger sub-domain and you know SEO factor is very important these days.
  • Please note that I’m not writing here about how to register/buy a domain from Godaddy, this tutorial is about to adding a domain (that you have already registered/bought from Godaddy to your blogger/BlogSpot blog as a custom domain.
  • Here’s how to set up a custom domain for your BlogSpot Blog that was registered from Godaddy.
Step 1 - Adding the custom domain to your blog on blogger
  • Go to your BlogSpot blog’s basic settings page, Dashboard > Settings > Basic
  • Click on Add a custom domain > Switch to advanced settings
  • Enter your domain (e.g. in the box under Advanced settings
  • Click on Save
  • Don’t worry about the massage “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 5” - We gonna fix out it.
  • Look just below to the error massage; you will see some necessary code provided by Google. 
  • Copy and Save the marked code snippets as shown in the screenshot below. It will be required on the next.
  • Note: This code provided by Google is to verify your Domain Authority. You have to create two CNAME record on your domain’s DNS settings with these code. One cName code is for hosting and the long one is for verifying authority.
Step 2 - Create CNAME Record on
  • Log in to your Godaddy account.
  • Open All product tab and from Domain sub-tab select Domain Management. It will reach you to the Domain Manager page.
  • Click on your desire domain name. A new page of domain managing will come.
  • In that page, scroll down and click on Launch link under DNS Manager section
  • Add a CNAME Record by clicking Quick Add button under CNAME (Alias) section, with the detail below…
  • Host: www & Points to: [Note: If there is already a CNAME Record with www as Host, first delete it then add yours.]
  • Create another CNAME Record with the details you saved
  • After that, click on Save Zone file > Ok
  • Note: You may notice that there is few CNAME Records created already, these are generated by Godaddy as default. You can delete theme all if you don’t need as because we’re pointing this domain at Google Hosting server (
  • Here we have done all on GoDaddy side.
Step 3 - Now go back to the blogger settings page
  • After successfully saved click on Edit again.
  • Check on Redirect to
  • Save
  • One last note: After completing all the steps successfully, if you see “404 error” while previewing your new added domain. Don’t worry; these changes may take 1-48 hours to take effect.
  • If you find this helpful don’t forget to share with others. And if you face any difficulties or you think I have missed anything don’t hesitate to let me know in comment

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