• Google Adsense is a advertising program that web site owners can earn money from displaying ads on their web sites introduced by the Google. Nowadays Google Adsense become the first place through other advertising programs like clicksor, chitika, addhitz & yahoo ads. 
  • Web site owners can publish text / image / animation / link ads which are given by google adsense and they will receive money for the clicks on each ad having.
  • Starting Google adsense is very easy. Showing active web site users can get a account in Google adsense then using this google adsense account adsense user can publish ads in more than one website.
  • Firstly, web site owner must select and make desired ads for his web site. Then adsense give him adsense code related for that ad which owner created.
  • It may be for text ads, link ads, image ads then web site owner can put that adsense ad code anywhere on the site. The maximum number of Google adsense ads are 3.
  • Web site can select a specify place which adsense ads are shown. If the website is well search engine optimized the best place is on the post. visitors will visit directly for the post and if every three adsense ads are shown on the post below the title, middle and the below the post visitors can see every ad and there is chance to minimum one ad is clicked by them.
  • If the web site having more visitors from forums, web directories like that visitors will visit directly to the site. So, owners can publish adsense ads on the above of the site and side bar.
  • For the good adsense earning web site owner must have a good traffic for his web site and it must be well optimized in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.
  • Web site owners can publish ads in many sites from his Google Adsense account. And also, they can publish their sites, brands, products in Google  Adsense. Google Adsense is a world connected huge advertising community.
  • Advertisers make ads and give their ads to Google adsense and that ads are published on sites which registered in Google Adsense. Adsense select the themes of the ads for each web sites.
  • The ads are related to the web site content when visitors reach the website, they see the ads and they click on the ads if they are having interest in those ads then Google Adsense will be payed for that click and web site owner are payed from the percentage of that value.
  • The earning in Google Adsense is described as like this. Google Adsense decide the rates of the clicks related to the keywords of the content.Some keywords is payee by INR 1.22 ($0.02) and some are payee by INR 36.7 ($0.60)
  • However unique articles help to increase earnings on Adsense.And the other important thing is search engine rank.
  • If web site having more traffics through search engines and also there are adsense ads on that web site Google adsense will pay more per one click on the ads.And the web site theme also affects to the adsense earnings. Dark themes are not good for more adsense ad clicks.

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