• A huge traffic doesn't guarantee good earnings from Google Adsence. Many users find themselves stuck on the lower end of the earnings after using Google Adsence for their blogs or websites. 
  • The optimization of Google Adsence is very important if you want to increase your revenue through the increase in CPC (cost per click). 
  • So here are some good tips to increase Google Adsense CPC, and enhance earnings through Google Adsense.
What is Adsense CPC?
  • Before moving on to understand the tips to increase adsense CPC, first let us understand what is adsense CPC. CPC or Cost Per Click is the revenue that you earn with a click on the ads displayed on your blog/website. 
  • It is having much more important role to play in increasing the revenue through Google Adsense than CTR (Click-through rate).
  • For those who are really determined to increase their earnings from Google Adsense, it is very important to focus on the CPC rather then CTR. It is because, getting a thousand impressions on your ad would serve little to your purpose of getting good earnings through it. This is where the importance of CPC lies.
Best Tips to Increase Adsense CPC

1. Selecting the Right Niche
  • Writing on any random topic won't do your job. First of all you need to identify the appropriate niche for your blog. This is important because Cost Per Click (CPC) of ad is directly related to the topic on which you're writing. 
  • There are many niches which lead to high CPC and some of them include in the order of decreasing CPC are blogs on internet domains, technical gadgets, Google products, Microsoft products, banking sector, automobiles, health, real estate etc.
2. Choosing Content
  • Selecting a proper niche is only half part of the job. Instead of writing on any subject within a niche, you first need to ask yourself – what do people generally search for, on internet related to this niche? 
  • Try to find the queries put forward by the people and prepare your content based on that. Good content will bring the readers to your blog and, subsequently, high CPC rates. Good content gets more traffic through the search engines and that means more readers and more clicks.
3. Page Rank
  • Google gives page ranks to the websites. Either the entire website or the individual pages are ranked from 1 to 10. A page rank above 4 i.e. 5 or 6 is pretty good for your blog, because accordingly Google will displays those ads on your pages that generate more revenue by way of clicking. 
  • This will have a direct impact on your CPC and it will see a significant increase. So now you can understand how important the page rank is. So you should continuously work towards improving the quality of your blog in order to maintain and enhance your page rank.
4. Ad Review Center
  • Next, you need to know is about the Ad Review Center. It is a feature in the Google Adsence and this helps you to know how much you are earning in each ad category. It shows different ad categories which are being shown on your blog. 
  • It will help you to ascertain which ad category is not paying you much and you can block that category. The best thing is to block the category which is irrelevant to the content of your blog.
5. Competitive Ad Filter
  • This feature in your Google Adsence account that helps you to block the specific or general ads that are displayed on the pages of your blog. 
  • You have got the option of either blocking the ads for the whole blog or a particular page on your blog. Now these ads can be of the competitors and that will help you to increase your CPC.
6. Access Platforms
  • Your blog is accessed by the readers through different platforms like mobile, tab, desktop, laptop etc. Most of them access the blog through desktops and laptops. CPC is not very much affected by the platform; even then you should try to target the users of a particular platform only. 
  • One important thing is that if you target mobile or tab readers then CPC might increase as the ads displayed on them are high paying.
7. Target Country
  • Another factor that has an impact on your CPC is the country you are targeting. A very apt example is that of USA as a click on an ad from USA can easily earn you 2$ to 3 while a click from India would lead to earnings of only 20-40 cents. 
  • So it is advisable that you develop your blog keeping English-speaking countries in mind as that will increase revenue as well as page rank of your page.
8. Text & Image Format
  • Choosing a right format for the ad is also very important in increasing the Google Adsence CPC. If you have space for three ads on your page then it is better to go with two 336 X 280 ads and one 468 X 60 ad. 
  • You should have text format because text ads have higher CTR (click through rate). It is better not to use image ads in most of the cases as they have less CTR and lower CPC.
9. AD Placement
  • The placement of the ads on the webpage is directly proportional to Google Adsence revenue. So, in order to maximize your CPC, you should place 2 ads inside the blog post and one outside it. 
  • It depends a lot on your choice and how you want the ads to be shown on your blog. This is imperative because too many ads can also distract and annoy the reader coming to your blog.
  • Use Auto Ads & Rail Ads on your Site.
10. Always Experiment
  • One should not stick to the basic rules and should always think about experimentation to bring about some innovative ideas for your blog. 
  • Try for some different niches, topics and do take the tips given by Google Adsense center.

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