What is SEOprofiler?
  • SEOprofiler is a web-based SEO software solution that track rankings, perform website audits, monitor competitor back links, generate branded reports and many other things related to search engine optimization.
  • You can use SEMrush with a free account, but the number of features and amount of data will be limited.
  • Position Tracking: 10 keywords, updated daily
  • Site Audit: 100 pages per month
  • Social Media profiles: track 5, post to 2 (schedule 10 posts)
  • On Page SEO Checker: recommendations for 10 keyword units per month
  • Domain & Keyword Analytics: 10 results per report, 10 reports per day
  • Brand Monitoring: historical data - 1 day, track 1 keyword in a project, 1 location, data sources - Web
  • Content Audit: 50 pages to audit
  • Post Tracking: 5 URLs
  • Topic Research: 2 topics
  • SEO Content Template: 1 template, 10 keywords to add
  • SEO Writing Assistant: 1 template
How SEO Profiler tool works?
  • The work of SEO profiler tool is to enable you to spy on the ranking of your competitors on Google. 
  • Below I am going to mention some of the features of SEO profiler tool through which it works and helps you get the good ranking of your site on SERPs. 
1. Website Auditing
  • The tool of website auditing in SEO profiler examines the errors on your web pages that might cause problem with search engines. After identifying the errors in site, it resolves them finally. 
  • Website auditing tool also discovers high-priority website error and low-priority website error. SEO profiler scrutinizes the structure of internal linking in your website and provides the information on the pages and images that are linked with your site content.
2. Link Building
  • Most people try to fill the site with links in order to get more clicks by commenting on blogs, forums, and social media websites. 
  • Let me tell you that these backlinks are of no use and have no value to your website’s ranking moreover; it might harm the search engine ranking of your website. 
  • Here, SEO profiler tool works by suggesting you with backlinks sources that will not get your website penalized for spammy and malicious backlinks.
3. Keyword Research
  • Keywords are the most important part of content for ranking a website. Keywords also make your site visible to audience on Google. 
  • How SEO profiler works here? SEO profiler tool recommends you with relevant and authentic keywords like keywords having huge search volume, keywords get you website rank easily, if a keyword is long tail, and whether the keyword is used by your competitors or not.
4. Ranking intelligence
  • Ranking intelligence is a tool through which you can find the ranking tactics utilized by your competitors on their website. 
  • SEO profiler works here by providing details to website owners such as most visited pages, high-value and long tail keywords used by competitors. You can also build same strategy based on your competitors to boost the rank, traffic, and earning of the website.
5. Social media inbox
  • It offers you with an exclusive set of social media tools to enhance your online presence. 
  • Social media is considered to be the best place to promote your website and attract new visitors with minimal efforts. 
  • Social media allows you to know if someone is talking about your site and also help you know if you’re getting positive or negative reviews publicly about your site.

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