• Keyword Density is known as the number of times a keyword or phrase used in a page compared to the total number of words present in it. While writing an article / content for your business page you have to make sure that your content is rich in keywords.
  • The food which is having rich spices will add more taste to it similarly the article having good keywords phrases are more Search Engines friendly.
  • There are plenty of keyword density calculator tools are available in market in this article we are going to discuss about the tools which are free. 
  • By comparing the results from these tools will help you in balancing your keywords. Articles having less keyword density will not achieve the desired results in the SE’s and extremely high density may get your websites flagged for keyword spamming.
  • Before, we move ahead I suggest you check out these two plugins for WordPress, which are also helpful in calculating Keyword density.
  • If you are completely new to SEO and Keyword, I recommend you read following these three posts, as they will help you to understand basics and you can utilize the technique to get higher ranking in SERP’s,
  • Now, if you have read all the above-mentioned post, you must be aware of Keywords and its importance. Now, using too many Keywords is call Keyword stuffing/Spamming and using less Keyword will not be helpful if you want to rank higher in SERP’s. 
  • Usually, I prefer to keep around 1-1.30% Keyword density, but you can test and pick a %age, which works out for you. Now, if you are a freelance writer or a blogger, and need free online sites to calculate the density of your Keywords, following tools will help you.
Tools to Analyze Keyword Density
  • AHERF Keyword Generator - One of the best Tools to Find keyword density, volume& keyword difficulty.
  • Live Keyword Density Analysis - This is a very simple tool to use, you can type the keywords and then paste your content and keyword density will be done automatically without doing anything. You can edit the article here itself.
  • ADD Me Tool - This is tool will help you in generating a report on density of keywords and phrases which are available on the webpage.
  • SEO Centro tool - This tool will help webmasters to analyze the keyword density for webpage and this includes tags cloud which helps to know the most important keywords for your site.
  • Article Underground - It is online analysis tool which checks your meta data and shows warnings if it finds any error in you page.
  • Link Vendor SEO Tool - This tool calculates the most frequently used keywords and shows its percentage share on the page.
  • SEO Chat keyword density tool - This keyword tool is use full for webmasters and SEO’s to know their keyword density for a set of terms.

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