• Doubleclick Ad Planner assists and helps find and target websites that probably would attract the kind of visitors that you’re looking for. When you sign up for Google Doubleclick, you get to choose the detailed criteria that you want and create a list of sites that pertain to those wants. 
  • It is a tool that you can use to refine your Internet advertising campaigns and form strategies to gain the kind of traffic that you need. The system enables you to look at data such as traffic, reach, conversion rate, and more to help you decide on where advertising would be best for you.
Doubleclick for Publishers
  • As a Doubleclick publisher, you will enjoy many features such as ad trafficking and delivery. 
  • This is where you get to have control on how the ads look on your website. You can choose when, where, and to who the advertisements show to. With the ad delivery capability you actually get to choose how to deliver advertisements based on how you want them to appear. 
  • Then there is the Inventory Management feature. Here you can focus on attacking more sales to pitch and how you can sell your website’s advertisement inventory. Also there is revenue optimization where you can pick the most profitable ads to display on your sites. Plus many more features.
Doubleclick for Advertisers
  • This is pretty much a whole advertising management system where you can oversee a whole field of advertising programs and what not. It is very easy to navigate and you can use targeting to deliver a relevant message to your publishers and customers. 
  • With creative optimization, you can focus on only the highest quality of best-performance. You can view reports to see which campaigns are functioning greatly and which publishers are the better performers. There is just so much you can do with this platform.
Personal Opinion
  • Doubeclick is obviously not a scam as it is from Google. It is pretty much an advertising platform that uses leverage through publishers to get more exposure to your business and a way for you to make money as a publisher. 
  • If you are reading this Doubleclick review, it is probably because you are looking for ways to maximize profitability with your Internet marketing business.

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