• Writing a paid post is perhaps one of the most straight forward ways to earn some revenue from blogging. 
  • The way a paid post works has changed much; after reaching mutual agreement with advertisers, you write about them, they pay you. And if there is a middle man company involved, they take cut. 
  • Most middle man company provides marketplace for advertisers to look for publishers, vice versa.
  • If you firmly believe that writing pay post is one good way to revenue from your blog, here’s a list of web services that pays you to write for them. This list will be updated periodically, so if you have a paid post service, I’ve missed out I’d like to add them to the list. Necessary credits will be given.
1. Squidoo
  • Every lens carries Google AdSense ads. Those are used to generate royalties for the whole co-op (ie, everyone gets a cut). If you want to increase your direct royalties, though, you should consider adding commercial modules that the visitors to your lenses will appreciate.
2. Wise bread
  • is one of the top 5 personal finance blogs. They give bloggers 100% of the advertising revenue they earn on their blog posts.
3. Weblogs Inc
  • With weblogs Inc you'll get paid to blog about subjects you love.
4. Helium
  • Earn a share of the advertising money earned here at Helium. If you write well, and write often, you earn even more recognition and reward.
5. Digital Journal
  • Unlike most websites where bloggers post for free (and the company takes in all the ad revenue), shares a portion of its advertising revenue with all Citizen Journalists.
  • With an always-growing cash pool, every single Citizen Journalist gets a chance to compete for a share of the cash pot. The more you contribute, the more you earn.
6. Sponsored Reviews
  • Earn cash by writing honest reviews about our advertiser’s products and services. Write reviews in your own tone and style, and gear them to your audience’s interest.

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