• Things you do Before Applying for Google Adsense. So may new blogger apply for adsense and they disapprove because they not know all that things which google see and follow these Tips Before Applying for Google Adsense.
  • Google Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize blog because it is the best CPC (cost per click) ad Network but it is very difficult to get approve from adsense. We discuss all tips before applying for Google Adsense.
  • Basic Tips & Guide for Google Adsense
1. Domain Extension - .com, .in or etc
  • The most important to get approve adsense you have domain extension because it increases the chances to get approve from google adsense
2. Privacy Policy
  • The most important to get approve adsense you have Privacy Policy because it increases the chances to get approve from google adsense. 
  • Privacy describes to readers about legal issues of website that what your visitors should do or what they not to do. You Can Create Privacy Policy Generators online.
3. Contact Us Page
  • Contact Us Page on your blog helps your readers to contact you and to give opportunity to speak up to your readers and tell how they feel about your Blog and this also helps and increase the chances. Add Contact form on Home Page also.
4. About Us Page
  • About us page play a important role when you apply for Google Adsense. You Described everything about you blog what your blog gives and about you.
5. Name / Email Verification
  • You Can Add Name and Email address in About Me and Contact Us pages because it will help google adsense team to verify your email address and this also increases it increase the chances to get approve from google adsense.
6. Minimum Number of Posts
  • If You Apply Adsense you need to have some good quality and unique content on your blog and we have no exact answer the Minimum Number of Posts, you have on your blog we not sure, but we suggest you have Minimum 60-70 quality article and you should write Minimum 100+ article because it helps you to get approve.
7. Traffic
  • On traffic we have no exact answer, but you have 1000 pageviews per day if you want to generate goo income but Google hates the sites that have paid traffic on blog.
8. Age Verification
  • Age of the applier plays important role to get approve form google adsense. You must be 18 years to get approved for AdSense.
  • If you are under 18 you can’t approve for adsense but you can apply from your guardian’s name but if you want adsense account with your own name than wait.
9Domain Age
  • You Domain at least 1 months old before applying but if you are from india wait for 3 months.

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