• Now we are going to start blogging. I know you are tense and taking unnecessary pressure. 
  • Don't worry starting is always difficult. This post is really going to help you to write your first blog post. Here are few steps that will help you to write your first post.
STEP 1 - Login to

STEP 2 - Click "Create New Post" icon on the left side of page - 
You are going to start blogging click on the button "create new post" to write your first post.

STEP 3 - Select the Post Title for your Post
  • The post title is very important. Post title must contain the main keyword of your topic.
  • The post title is really matter in search engine so be careful whenever you write post title.
  • Your post title should be attractive.
  • Your first blog post need well documentation.
  • Your first post needs intimately documentation because documentation is very necessary to manage your text. Blogger Editor provides headings options.
  • You can make your text bold, italic and underline.
  • Change the color of your text whenever you want to distinguish some of your text.
  • Bullet list and Numbered list also provided by Blogger Editor.
  • How to insert Images, Videos, Jump break and links in your blog post.
STEP 4 - How to add Label, Permalink and Search description
  • Label your post - Might be your blog covers many niches like news, blogging, programming and designing. Labelling is important so that you can arrange and assemble your content properly. It is also important for visitors to interact with your website/blog easily.

  • Add Search description - The Description will show under the post URL in search engine. Add all the important keywords in search description.
  • Permalink - Permalink is the address for your blog post. Blogger provides the facility to customize permalinks. Although blogger automatically generates the permalink from the post title.

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