#1. Blogging Schedule
  • The worst mistake ever make by any blogger is not having a proper blogging schedule. You must have a blogging schedule if you want to succeed. 
  • First off, choose a proper posting frequency for your blog. No matter if you post either daily or once a month, stick with it. 
#2. Giving less importance to ‘About me’ page
  • Check out your blog right now to know which is your most popular page, you’ll end it up with “about me” page. Yeah, about me page is one of the most important pages on any blog. 
  • It’s important to have a better about me page. 
  • Write your about page as if you’re talking directly with the readers, but not as a third person.
#3. Writing for robots instead of people
  • This is a critical point to discuss. Though search engines are vital to get free and massive traffic to your blog it’s also essential to write for the readers.
  • At the end of the day, people will come to your blog to comment or to share your content not robots (search engines) right?
#4. Not having any blogging goal
  • Determine your blogging goals daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. What do you want to achieve today from your blog? What do you want to achieve by next week? 
  • Is it posting a quality article or guest blogging for a top blog? Setting up goals makes you a better blogger. 
  • Won’t you be happy after achieving each goal? So, decide your blogging goals soon.
#5. Not networking with others
  • My personal suggestion for the new bloggers is start networking with other bloggers. 
  • Don’t focus only on content creation. Be everywhere. 
  • The best possible way to network with other bloggers is blog commenting. 
  • Leave insightful comments whenever you find something useful on their blogs.
#6. Stop creating SPLOGS (spam blogs) by copying from others
  • If you find something interesting from other blogs, take inspiration from it and write your own opinions on your blog instead of stealing their content.
  • Sooner or later, you’ll get caught if you’re being a copycat. I shared the best tip to create better Content in the above paragraph. Follow that.
#7. Not building an email list
  • Blogging is a business not fun! Business needs investment. The best investment you can do for your blog is start building your email list from day1.
#8. Blogging only for money
  • I know, everyone here in the blogoshpere is blogging for money. Nothing wrong in it though but it’s not appreciable if you start worrying about making money with your blog before you even have quality content.
#9. Not reading other blogs to keep updating yourself
  • Whatever I’ve contributing to this blog is because of reading other blogs. How can you produce quality content without reading other blogs? 
  • Make it a habit of reading other blogs. Spend some time to analyze popular blogs in your niche.
#10. Wasting time on facebook
  • Ask 100 newbie bloggers about their time wasters, 99 people will say facebook!
  • Use facebook to increase your online reputation not to kill your precious time. Less is more, spend your time on facebook effectively.

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