Basically, SEO can be divided into two groups
  • On-Page search engine optimization
  • Off-Page search engine optimization
What is On Page search engine optimization?
  • Everything you do to your blog belongs to the “On-page Search Engine Optimization” or On-page SEO. Creating content designing blog structure, interlinking posts, categorization, and many other on-site aspects can influence the on-page SEO.
  • In fact, On-page optimization is the best way to improve traffic to your blog.
  • Because If your content isn’t helpful, no matter how reasonable your off-page SEO efforts are, search engines won’t rank it higher than resourceful pages.
  • On-page SEO practices help your content go viral on social media and drive more referral traffic.
  • It is easier to focus internally than on external elements that one can barely control. In reality, we are living in a world that is fast-moving forward. Instead of focusing on Off-page SEO, you can achieve tremendous success with On-page SEO.
What is Off-Page search engine optimization?
  • The other side of search engine optimization is Off-page search engine optimization or Off-page SEO. Everything outside your blog, yet their influence on your blog, belongs to Off-page SEO or Off-site SEO. Inbound links (also known as backlinks), co-citations, social mentions, and brand mentions belong to Off-page SEO.
  • In search engine optimization, Off-page SEO does an excellent job of boosting keyword ranking positions. For example, Backlinks are among the top factors that Google uses to rank web pages in Google.
  • Although Off-page SEO is an essential player in SEO Blogger, you can actually improve your site’s keyword rankings by using ethical on-page SEO techniques.
  • The wonderful thing about On-page SEO is that you can control everything. In other words, as a webmaster, you can decide how much traffic you want and predict how much traffic you’ll receive.
  • The more you care about the On-page SEO, the more organic traffic your site will receive.
  • In this BlogSpot search engine optimization guide, you will learn some proven SEO tips and tricks to increase traffic. Not only that but also, at the end of this tutorial, you’ll learn how to capture that quality traffic and convert them into your loyal readers.
  • Plus, I will share several Blogger SEO tools so that you can automate and ease manual SEO tasks.

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