• Binary options are estimates of underlying assets performance during a given time frame. To understand the beauty of binary option trading, let’s first take a look at how investment in other trading markets usually works. 
  • In most forms of investment, the investors actually purchase the asset they invest in, and the value of the profit and loss is determined upon the changing value of the asset.
  • If the investor sells the asset back to the market whenever its value increases then they're making a profit, and if they sell the asset back to the market when its value decreases, then their money is lost.
  • This type of investment requires the investor to constantly worry about when to sell the asset and get out of the market to avoid exposing his entire account to the market’s volatility. 
  • Conversely, Binary option trading is simpler. In binary option we trade on the market and not in the market like other trading methods, and thus the amount of psychological stress isn’t expressed, as you are just predicting the asset's movement for a predetermine time frame.
  • There is now a brand-new way that you can make some significant amounts of money through stocks and shares, currencies and alsomcommodities such as Gold and Silver, and this is by trading Binary Options online. 
  • However, there is one major advantage of trading Binary Options and that is you never have to actually purchase the shares,commodities or currencies that you will be hoping increase or decrease in value during any given time period!
Types of Binary Options
  • There are hundreds of different Binary Options that can be traded online or via mobile trading platform, and as such you really should checkout our guide on the different types of Binary Options that are available, for we can guarantee there will be several of them that will interest you.
  • All of our listed and reviewed Binary Options sites offer a truly massive and constant range of Binary Options and as such you are going to be in full control which ones that you opt to trade and will not be limited to just a handful of different options to trade!
Types of Binary Option Platforms
  • You are going to be able to trade Binary Options either online via any laptop or computer, or should you prefer the maximum flexibility of when you can place a trade then you ought to consider using one of the many mobile compatible trading platforms that are now available. 
  • You really can trade anywhere and at any time of your own choosing and this is why trading Binary Options has proven to be so very popular recently!
How to place Binary Option Trades
  • In this guide we are going to show you just how easy it is to place Binary Option trades online, it is a very easy to understand trading environment once you understand how trading platforms work and operate, so do come and take a look at what is involved and just how easy it is to trade at any time of the day or night.
Binary Options Demo Accounts
  • This guide will enlighten you on how you can open a free of charge and free to use demo account at all of our top-rated Binary Options trading sites and by doing so you can quickly and in a no risk way get used to the many unique features each Binary Options trading site has to offer.
Are there any Age Restrictions for Trading Binary Options?
  • You will find that you have to be a minimum age to trade Binary Options online, much like when you buy any type of financial product or join up to any online gambling site, the operators and licensing jurisdictions of those sites require you are a certain age to start trading Binary Options online. 
  • This will vary from country to country but usually you have to be at least the age of 18 to start trading Binary Options online.

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