Why You Go For a Blogger or

Almost everyone on blogging career was only start with because it's at free of cost and you don't need to take domain and hosting for your blog. is backed up Google the most popular search engine in the world.

You can easily create a blog with your Google account (i.e. GMAIL Account). There are many built-in templates available on internet you can download and change the design of you blog any time you want. Your pages and posts can easily index by Google in short time by using Google Webmaster Tool.


  • Free of Cost
  • Easy to Create & Edit
  • There is no need for learning the coding language
  • Multiple Blogs is possible at Blogger.
  • Easily change the visual  appearance and code of template in blogger.

Creating a Blog On Blogger  with 7 Steps

Step #1:

Open the website on your browser preferably use Google Chrome.

Step #2:


  • If you Don't Have Google Account (i.e GMAIL Account).
  • Create a New Google Account Below.

                                               >>>>> Register Here <<<<<

Log In:

  • If you have Google Account (i.e GMAIL Account). 
  • Log in to your Google account to create your blog.

Step #3:

           Then click the “New Blog” Icon on the left side of your browser.

Step #4:

1.      Type your blog title and URL for blog.

2.    Your blog URL should be match with the niche of your blog.


  • If you are going to create your blog with Blogging Trick then your URL must contain the word “Blogging”.
  • You can change the blog title and blog URL Later but you will lose your traffic.
  • So be careful while selecting the URL.

Step #5: 

Selecting a Free Template for Your Blog

            You have to select template for your blog which you will like. Template will act as the basic layout or design of your blog. You can browse many more template and customize your blog later.

Types of Template:

1.      Free Template in the Blogger

2.    Free Template in the Sites like

3.    Premium Template (We Recommended)

Step #6:   Click the button “Create blog!” 

Step #7:   Click on the button “Start blogging!” and Enjoy the Blogging.

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