• Conversion rates are a tricky thing. There are sites that have high traffic but making little money while there are some websites that are getting far less traffic but are making significantly more money than higher traffic websites. 
  • In this scenario, the solution boils down to striking a balance between generating traffic and getting enough from that traffic. Your conversion rate in simplistic terms is the ratio of sales you get over your total traffic.
Having Relevant Top Quality Content
  • So you’ve finally designed your website. The next thing that should be in your task is to build content. In fact, content is far more important than anything else. You must first ask what your website is all about. 
  • If it’s about self improvement then write content relevant to that. But of course it is not enough to just write content about self improvement only. Tailor your content to providing what your readers want.
  • It is true that you might not be able to know what readers want from your blog. A good thing to do is to ask for feedback or to search for trends in self improvement. Google Trends is the place to start with. Then write your articles based on those trends.
Having Relevant Response Pulling Graphics
  • Graphics are attention grabbing. If your website has pictures or graphics then you are on the right track. But that won’t be enough to grab your reader’s attention. You have to assume that everyone who comes to your website has some form of attention span problem. 
  • If your website is about hair products then merely showing pictures of hair products won’t do any good. Add text especially those that asks questions or solves a problem into pictures and you will have better conversion rates.
Placing Graphics or Ads at Strategic Locations
  • There are various opinions on placing ads but if wrongly placed it can be intrusive or annoying. Placing ads at these locations can help with better conversion rates:
  • Right or Left Sidebar (depending on the orientation of your website left-sided or right-sided column)
  • Header Banner Ad
  • Ads at the end of your content
Having A Well-Defined Heading of Your Page
  • It doesn’t matter how many pages you have on your website. The most important thing to do is to have a well defined heading. Say you have a blog section and your blog section should have content pertaining to the main theme of your website with consistently updated articles. 
  • If your website is about repairing cars, then your blog should address everything about repairing cars. If you are selling car products on your website also, then create a separate page to display all the relevant car products.
Driving Your Readers to Take Action
  • This might sound like you’re trying to make use of your visitors. But if you are writing good quality content and honest in your articles then your visitors wouldn’t think that you are using them at all. 
  • If you are telling your visitors that you have something great to offer them why don’t you guide them to do something. Remember, that most people would prefer to be guided to find something instead of being told to do something.
  • Tell Your Visitors to Subscribe To Your Feed
  • Providing them with a link to another page of your website
  • Add them into your subscription list through an opt in system
  • Give them a list of irresistible cool stuff that they can’t find anywhere else.

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